Smileycoin░ Smileycoin trading web page Smileycoin░

This web page lists the various uses of the Smileycoin or SMLY, the cryptocurrency used for rewarding students in the tutor-web educational system.

What can you do with SMLY?

  • Buy airline coupons
  • Buy coupons for the Icelandic cinema
  • Pay tutors within the tutor-web system
  • Buy coffee on the Univ. Iceland campus
  • Play simple games, like double or nothing game
  • Sell SMLY at a currency exchange
  • How can you get SMLY?

    Click on each for more detail

  • Easiest: Donate to Education in a Suitcase
  • With work: Get SMLY by studying in the tutor-web system
  • The long way: Buy SMLY at a cryptocurrency exchange
  • Smileycoin░ So what is this electronic currency thing? Smileycoin░

    The Smileycoin works just like other electronic currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin. It was introduced as a reward to be used in an on-line educational system. You can find quite a bit more information if you look:

  • an introduction to the SMLY
  • an elaborate introduction to how to get into crypto
  • an introduction to how the dividends work
  • more on the double-or-nothing game
  • an overview of why you might want to put real money into high-risk cryptocurrencies
  • a peer-reviewed paper describing the Smileycoin in more detail than you ever wanted to hear!
  • You first download a wallet to store your coins. After this you can ask the wallet to generate an address which you can freely send to anyone wanting to send you a Smileycoin.

    Note that the various wallets know how to tell you the value of the Smileycoins in your wallet. You can choose which currency you want to use as a reference currency.

    Smileycoin░ How can you get SMLY? Smileycoin░

    Easiest: Donate to Education in a Suitcase

    The project Education in a Suitcase will happily accept your donations. In return for a donation, they will give you some Smileycoins.

    Remember to use only small amounts while you are finding your way through this!

    You will not make money from this transaction, but you will painlessly get some Smileycoins which you can then use to test the waters of electronic currencies.

    Make sure you first have a SMLY wallet!

    It is easy to test this: Just go to their donation page and send them five dollars. If you follow the instructions, then you will quickly see some Smileycoins in your wallet.

    Now, these donation pages are mostly in Icelandic at the time of this writing. You will want to know the following:

  • The amount is in Icelandic kronor. Very roughly, 1 USD=100 ISK
  • Hitting the "Styrkja..."="Donate..." button takes you to the next page
  • This takes you to a page where you (securely) give your credit card info
  • After you have made your donation, you will be offered Smileycoins
  • Just enter your Smileycoin wallet address and you will get some coins
  • This is a very good cause, worthy of your support. It is also an exceptionally easy way to get into the world of Smileycoin, Bitcoin and so forth.

    With work: Get SMLY by studying in the tutor-web system

    The tutor-web system is a completely free and open system of study. You can pick any course or study-unit (tutorial) and study this to your hearts content by reading the available material and (most importantly) answering drill questions. As you increase your grade in those drills, you will get SMLY. Once you have SMLY you can download them into a Smileycoin wallet.

    The long way: Buy SMLY at a cryptocurrency exchange

    Getting into the world of cryptocurrencies is a bit tricky. There are several hurdles to get started using cryptocoins and buying your first SMLY is not quite trivial.

    You will always need to have an account at a cryptocurrency exchange. The exchanges at and have several "markets", i.e. places which look like a stock market and you can sell one cryptocurrency for another. Both of these exchanges have SMLY markets. WARNING: In December 2017-January 2018 both these exchanges are going through transition periods! Wait until after January 20 before you try to use either one.

    The following is currently the easiest method to buy SMLY for fiat (ordinary money)├.

  • Get an account at
  • Get an account at an exchange:, or
  • Deposit fiat (USD, GBP or EUR) using PayPal, VISA etc at
  • Buy SLL for fiat at
  • Buy BTC for SLL at
  • Transfer the BTC from to your address at the exchange
  • Buy DOGE or LTC for BTC on the exchange
  • Buy SMLY for DOGE or LTC on the exchange
  • The winding way: Use the SMLY ATM

    Recently, experiments have been made with a SMLY ATM. This is a black-box into which one deposits Litecoin and gets back Smileycoin. A document is available<░/a> describing the non-trivial process.

    Smileycoin░ Selling SMLY for other cryptocurrencies Smileycoin░

  • Get an account at an exchange:, or
  • You can now deposit SMLY or other crypto into accounts at the exchange
  • Once you have any non-empty account, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies
  • Note that SMLY is a low-value currency so make sure to use an appropriate market, SMLY-LTC or SMLY-DOGE
  • It is normally not a good idea to use the SMLY-BTC market directly.
  • Smileycoin░ Games using SMLY Smileycoin░

    The simplest game of all is the SMLY double-or-nothing game: Deposit any (small) amount of SMLY to the address BCJW4iZw7PechFHgtqqSdHmymjnFA6LjNJ and you will automatically participate in a double-or-nothing game. If you are on a Windows, Linux or Mac computer then the easiest way to do this is in the Console window, where you can give commands of the form
    sendtoaddress BCJW4iZw7PechFHgtqqSdHmymjnFA6LjNJ 20
    repeatedly and see how you sometimes get the double back and sometimes nothing.